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Cabo Wedding Photographer

Hello Friend

I’m Anna Gomes and this my boutique wedding photography website. Here find some of my favorite images, information about myself and my services.

I’m a destination wedding photographer based out of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. I’m originally from Brazil and used to live (and visit frequently!) Southern California. Yup, I’m fluent in 3 languages and yup, my phone’s autocorrect is a nightmare.

The Best Wedding Photographer for You

In this ever-changing digital world flooded with information finding the right wedding photographer is a tough job, especially when you’re far away. With so many options, in and out of Los Cabos, you might find yourself looking for someone special with more than just pretty photos.

Funny thing? I’ve also been looking for you. I’m interested in working with welcoming people who are genuinely excited about this whole getting married thing and who care a lot about their wedding photos. People who value work done from the heart. Fun loving people who are looking for not just one great photo but a complete collection of images.

My Inspiration? You

As Susan Sontag puts it “To collect photographs is to collect the world”.

Weddings are such a universal rite of passage doing one after another after another I started to see how diverse they can be. Each family has a unique story, dynamics, and preferences which fascinates me. Did you know that the most popular use of photography is to celebrate the achievements of family members?

Having traveled a lot and having lived in different places taught me the rewards of being open to things that are different than what I already know. Photographing allows me the time to be observant and learn about whatever it is that I’m taking pictures of. Because photography allows me the chance to learn about the families and the people I have the opportunity to work with, who these people are becomes my biggest source of inspiration.


My job as a wedding photographer is not simply to be there to take a photo but to decide what an image will look like. Photos are an interpretation of the world just like drawings and paintings. I am an impressionist, the images are a result of what I’ve seen with my eyes as well as heart and mind, where I use technical knowledge and creativity to convey my impressions on each image.

Lifestyle Wedding Photos

My style can be defined by a mix of editorial and photojournalistic, or just simply known as "lifestyle". This means that my work is candid yet done with some styling and direction.

Through the “photojournalistic” eye I focus on what is actually going on. It’s the grandma placing her vintage Bulgari watch on the bride’s wrist, is the inside joke between groomsmen. Styling goes into things like the flowers you carefully chose for the boutonnieres or the seating chart you spent months researching online.

The Final Result

What you end up with is a collection of images that will let you relive your wedding day over and over. It is much more than a few pretty photos or that one single spectacular shot. It is a visual diary, with people, things and moments that were part of your day and seeing them again in these pictures trigger your memories in the best possible way.

Like what you see?

Email me! anna@annagomesphoto.com