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Destination Wedding Baja California

This destination wedding in Mexico truly celebrated the beautiful Mexican culture and not the one for tourists, but the one that if you live in places like California or Texas you know it's legitimate. The bride had been coming to the Baja since a little girl and knew what the real Mexico looked like in this unusual part of the country. Rancho Danza del Sol is a large property, a working farm dotted with little casitas around the plantations of litchi and palm trees and all of this rest in the heart of Todos Santos.

The little pueblito is known for the famous Hotel California, yearly jazz festival and picturesque surroundings, never too far from the Pacific. It has little more than five thousand people living in town year round but as it is small in size it is big in beauty and nature.

The ceremony happened between a plantation of palm trees and as the festivities moved along through the night so did the party, with cocktail hour further into the property all the way to the reception dinner by the main house, guests were guided by a mariachi band.

Location: Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.