Lifestyle Family Vacation Photos in San Jose del Cabo

Julie is the mom of three and when making plans for her family vacations which also included her parents and sister in law, she thought it would be a great opportunity to get photos of the whole family together.

The family were spending their vacations at the Westin in San Jose del Cabo, a gorgeous property with access to a wide and deserted stretch of sand on by the Sea of Cortez. We started out at their villa where the family was getting ready for the photos. This allowed me time to get some natural interactions between the family members and play with the kids while we waited.

They all dressed in different shades of pastel, making for fun colorful and harmonious portraits. Although sometimes dressing everyone in black or white is the easiest option (specially when you are hard working parent!) going through the closet and finding items that are similar in tone and color can pay off in portraits that look specially pretty.

The kids were not only cute but were spontaneous, well-mannered and very responsive to the camera, making my job as a photographer that more delightful. We went down to the beach to get portraits with the whole family and also other groupings such as just grandparents and the kids. Making this a very productive photo shoot that gave everyone something special and plenty of choices on what to choose to print.

It was a classic Cabo beach day, sunny and with skies clean and free of any clouds and a good time to spend with the family.