Cabo San Lucas Engagement Photos
Cabo San Lucas Engagement Portraits
Cabo San Lucas Desert Engagement Photo
Cabo San Lucas Engagement Photo with Rocks

Cabo San Lucas Engagement Photos

When Ashley and Brandon hired me to do their wedding photography, they opted to get a package that included an extra day of photos. Getting to know each other before the wedding day is always a good idea, let alone go for a mini tour of Cabo San Lucas where I got to show them some of my favorite secret places, out of the beaten path and where you won’t be able to find many tourists. Baja has a lot more places like that than not.

The couple is in their mid twenties and have known each other since teens, when Ashley had a crush on her best friend’s older brother. Years went by when the two reconnected while living in Colorado. Their energy was great, they were game to do pretty much anything for the photos and all on their own would give me some very sweet and romantic poses, just by enjoying being together.

After some desert landscapes and views of the bay we went down to the beach. Although the day was a bit windy the photos came out beautiful as Ashley wore a cute white maxi dress that flowed with the wind and made it all more dramatic and romantic.