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Cabo San Lucas Engagement Photos

It’s not always that I photograph proposals, but when Brian contacted me it felt this would be a special one. He was very careful at explaining to me his vision and as a photographer himself he seem to have a good grip on what he was looking for on his photographer. I’m still not sure who was more nervous, him or I, and when the big moment happened it was just perfect.

That afternoon on the beach under clear blue sky surfers were catching waves, a few people enjoyed the sun from the shore and a performance group of equilibrists was training, in golden outfits. Brian made sure to follow my instructions on what to wear and when they came up on the beach it wasn’t hard to spot the two cute sweethearts. Under this scene, taking in the seascape and relax vibe typical of Cabo San Lucas, Brian got down on one knee and proposed.

At this moment they had everyone’s attention and were properly cheered and smiled on. Jason was crealy surprised and delighted. Looking around for us, he spotted my big lens, throwing his arms up in the air in mock indignation. Yes, I definitely helped conspire to make you happy.

Taking photos of a newly engaged photos is such a delight. No smile is forced, no moment is faked, it’s my favorite kind of photography, genuine, natural and rich in emotion. How romantic, to be engaged in Cabo on a beautiful evening.

The moment of the proposal is so great and being a part of it is such a thrill. Seeing people take a profoundly meaningful step is an honor and a privilege and one that everybody at that beach in Cabo, will never forget. Thank you Brian & Jason

Brian & Jason

Cabo San Lucas Arch View

Stunning view of the arch in Cabo San Lucas, where boats can be seen cruising the bay. The land's end is the very end of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. It marks the division between the Pacific Ocean and the Cortez sea. The land's end is part of protect bay so deep that allows for cruise ships to come very close to downtown Cabo, where one can find delicious seafood, the beautiful world class marina along with the many bars and restaurants the town is famous for. Because Cabo is such a gorgeous place and the number one reason folks have for visiting are it's beautiful sea and landscapes, so I always make sure to include some photos of this gorgeous location to showcase not only the place visited, but also how it look in that particular day. How the weather was, what was happening, how the ocean looked, everything that can help evoke what it was like. This was a quick snippet before an engagement proposal and it was taken as we waited for the couple. The view of the arch was a deliberate choice, this being the only beach where the arch can be seen clearly, I wanted to make sure my clients had the best view for this huge moment